Tale Spinner Theatre

From: North Battleford, SK (RW - Rivers West)
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 Tale Spinner Theatre has been a long time coming for founding Artistic Director Dannyll Challis. Having worked across the country with Globe Theatre, Prime Stock Theatre, Golden Apple Theatre, Do it With Class Young Peoples Theatre, New Dance Horizons as well as film and television, I am 30 year professional who has always felt Story comes first. Now I have returned to the Battlefords to create my own Story. Through Professional, Community and Youth programming, and with the help from theatre professionals Tale Spinner Theatre will provide the Battlefords and the North West with a new theatre experience. I hope you will join us as we spin a tale for you. Reach Dannyll at: talespinnertheatre@gmail.com 

#101 - 1102 8th Ave
Regina, SK Canada
S4R 1C9
(306) 352-0797