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The office is open for regular business hours as of Tuesday, September 8th. 


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Library Update

48 new scripts added!

We've recently updated our library catalogue with 48 new titles, many by Canadian authors!

Check them out now before someone else does! It's a great time to be reading, since we're all trapped indoors with little to do....

One Acts
A.M.L. by Jacquelyn Reingold
First Day Back by Rob Salerno*
Group by Ethan Silverman
Lady in Waiting by Charles Hayter*
Mixed Babies by Oni Faida Lampley
Once a Flame by Beau Dixon*
Other People’s Heaven: The Viola Desmond Story by Beau Dixon*
Saint Stanislaus Outside the House by Patrick Breen
Shakedown Shakespeare by Yvette Nolan** & Philip Adams*
Two Beers for Three People by David L. Young*
Voodoo by Kico Gonzalez-Risso*
Witchcraft by Kico Gonzalez-Risso*

Full Length
Augusta by Richard Dressler
Everyday She Rose by Andrea Scott* & Nick Green*
Five Alarm by Kristen Da Silva*
Four Old Broads on the High Seas by Leslie Kimbell
I'll Miss You a Little by Micaela Robertson*
In Care by Kenneth T. Williams**
Serving Elizabeth by Marcia Johnson*
The Fruit Machine by Brian Drader*
The Royal Flush by Kate Jaimet*
The Thin Grey Line by Blaine Newton*
Unholy by Diane Flacks*
Who Killed Henry by Carol Libman*

She Speaks - Monologues for Women by Judith Thompson
In: Queer / Play
Cerveau Fêlé 101 / Broken Brain 101 by Nathalie Claude*
Chronicles of a War Child by Jazz Kamal “Nari”*
Dirty Plötz by Alex Tigchelaar*
Graceful Rebellions by Shaista Latif*
Hiding Words (for you) by Gein Wong*
Lapine-Moi / Rabbit-I by Nathalie Claude*
She Mami Wata & The Pussy WitchHunt by d’bi. young anitafrika*
Sister Mary's a Dyke?! by Flerida Peña*
SPIN by Evalyn Parry*
The Magic Hour by Jess Dobkin*
Trapped! by Hope Thompson*

Norm Foster* Collection
Bob's Your Elf
Halfway There
Mending Fences
My Narrator
Renovations for Six
Screwball Comedy
Storm Warning
The Death of Me
The Sitter
Under the Bright Sun

*denotes Canadian authors
**denotes Saskatchewan authors

Town Hall Series

Theatre Saskatchewan is conducting a series of Town Hall sessions to find out what our groups and communities are up to and how we can help. These Town Halls will be facilitated by TSI staff and board members.

Each town hall we will be focussing on a different topic and asking different questions. This will be sent via email in a newsletter prior to each meeting.

Stay tuned to find out when the next Town Hall will be!

We are so pleased to announce that membership fees for the 2020 - 2021 fiscal year have been waived! This includes new members as well!

There is no better time to become a member with Theatre Saskatchewan than right now!

What do our members get? Our members get access to our library, discounts on programming, access to grants, voting privileges at meetings and so much more. Visit our Membership page to find out more and to sign up for Membership. 

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Board of Directors

Today we have new members on the Board of Theatre Saskatchewan Inc.  Congratulations to our new President, John Dyck! We are also excited to welcome Nathan Breitenbach and Danyll Challis to the Board of Directors, and congratulations to  Debbie Burgher, who is returning for another term. Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Donna Challis and Maureen Pepper, whose time on the Board has come to an end, but we know we will see you at the theatre!  Thank you to Donna and Maureen for everything they have done for community theatre in Saskatchewan while on the Board of Directors.

Community Events

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