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for 2021 - 2022

We are so pleased to announce that membership fees for the 2021 - 2022 fiscal year have been waived! This includes new members as well!

There is no better time to become a member with Theatre Saskatchewan than right now!

What do our members get? Our members get access to our library, discounts on programming, access to grants, voting privileges at meetings and so much more. Visit our Membership page to find out more and to sign up for Membership. 

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TheatreFest 2022 Time To Gather

Stan Danbrook Memorial Technical Merit Award 

The Sunshine BoysBattleford Community Players

Walters Trophy — Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Fraser Glen as Al Lewis, The Sunshine BoysBattlefords Community Players

Mary Ellen Burgess Trophy — Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Nadia Frost as Margot, The Ladies FoursomeMoose Jaw Community Players

Honourable Mentions:

Elizabeth Chamberlain as Denise, Dry StreakOdyssey Productions, Prince Albertg

Jenna Walker as Registered Nurse, The Sunshine BoysBattlefords Community Players

S. J. Safian Trophy — Best Actor 

Jim Walls as Willie Clark, The Sunshine BoysBattlefords Community Players

Honourable Mention:

Dan Carr as Greg, SylviaRegina Little Theatre

Woodward Trophy — Best Actress 

Crystal Milburn as Connie, The Ladies Foursome, Battlefords community Players

McIntyre Trophy — Best Characterization 

Annika Danielson as Sylvia, Sylvia, Regina Little Theatre

Hilda Allen Memorial Trophy — Runner-Up to Best Director  

Debbie Burgher, The Ladies FoursomeMoose Jaw Community Players

Goodfellow Trophy — Best Director 

Darren Olson, The Sunshine BoysBattlefords Community Players

Best Visual Entry 

The Sunshine BoysBattlefords Community Players

Margaret Corbett Aspirant Award 

Flaubert Izivyose, acting, Sylvia, Regina Little Theatre

Vern Alonzo Latiqua Award for Best Stage Manager

Gregory KwongThe Sunshine BoysBattlefords Community Players

Runner-Up to Winning Entry 

The Ladies FoursomeMoose Jaw Community Players

Cameron McIntosh Memorial Trophy — Winning Entry

The Sunshine BoysBattlefords Community Players

What are we working on?

  • New TheatreFest format
  • Massive and comprehensive libary update
  • A new and thorough Member's Handbook
  • Further alignment with SaskCulture and the other Tri-Globals

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