SOCAN and Theatre

When do I pay rights for music in my production?

We all understand paying for royalities to perform a play but what about music?  SOCAN explains Grand Rights and answers all your questions regarding music used in your production.

Click here for more information about music royalties.

TheatreFest 2017

TheatreFest 2017 Stay Calm, Play On!

What a great week we had at TheatreFest 2017 will be in North Battleford!  Thank you to our co-hosts the Battlefords Community Players and The Dekker Centre for the Performing Arts for a wonderful  festival!  Thank you to Will Brooks for sharing his knwledge and love of theatre with us for the whole week!  

Check out the award winners from TheatreFest 2017!


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November 9 -12

From November 9 to 12 we will be in Warman for TheatreOne 2017.  All TSI voting member clubs are eligible to enter, get your entry form here and send it in to the office by September 2 with your entry fee of $75.